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Cloud Load Balancer

What are IncredIO servers?

Our IncredIO servers are the fastest range of cloud servers on the market today. They not only rival cloud offers from competitors at the same pricepoint, but even excel dedicated hardware at this price point too! IncredIO servers boast top of the line hardware with no expense spared; the largest CPUs, highest speed RAM, fastest PCIe NVME SSDs and largest network ports make these servers fly!



Why choose Cloud Load Balancers?

Accelerate your web application's uptime and performance:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I host more than one domain/website per load balancer?

Yes! The control panel allows you to define a list of different domain names (and/or subdomain names) that your load balancer should answer. Domain names that aren't on this list will see a default page and not your content, protecting against stealthy content theft and some basic DoS attacks.

How many SSL/TLS certificates and HTTPS sites can I host?

Currently, our CLB v1 products allow only one SSL/TLS certificate per load balancer. You can host multiple websites with one SSL/TLS certificate, however you must ensure the certificate includes each domain name you would like to host. Wildcard certificates allow you to secure multiple subdomain names, and multi-domain "UCC" or "SAN" certificates allow you to secure multiple top-level domain names with just a single certificate.

The LiteSpeed Web ADC load balancer product allows multiple SSL certificates and multiple domain names, and can be controlled through its WebAdmin Console.

What is the uptime guarantee?

All Cloud Load Balancers benefit from our 99.9% uptime guarantee as standard. Multiple Cloud Load Balancers can be deployed in tandem, balanced via DNS round-robin, to further improve the uptime levels.

Where two or more identically configured Cloud Load Balancers are deployed, we can assign two IP addresses to one load balancer in the event of hardware failure, to offer the highest uptime level for your web application.

Do you store connection and access logs?

In order to maintain the highest possible performance, we do not log any connection data, IP addresses or access logs at this time. We plan to add logging abilities in future, however for security purposes, when made available all logging will be DISABLED by default until explicitly activated.

Can I load balance non-HTTP (i.e. TCP or UDP) applications?

Potentially, yes. Our Cloud Load Balancers are designed for HTTP/HTTPS website load balancing, but we also use these products to balance non-website traffic for our own purposes and for some managed customers. To find out whether we can help load balance your custom TCP or UDP application, please send a message to our support team who will be happy to look into it for you.

Confused? Not sure what you need?

Don't worry! Our team are here to help. Let's have a quick chat and we'll have you sorted in no time!